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Bosco Verticale

This is definitely a new approach on the term, ‘a living wall’… or ‘walls’ Bosco Verticale, or “Vertical Forest” by Stefano Boeri of Boeri Studio has won the 2014 International Highrise award. Selected from a competitive shortlist of towers, the building has been deemed to be “the most beautiful and innovative highrise in the world”. The building is a model for sustainable residential living, being praised for bringing over 800 trees and 14,000 plants to the Milan infrastructure. The building represents an expression of the human need for contact with nature. The architect had this to say: ““The Vertical Forest represents a new approach to the highrise building, where trees and humans share their living space. It is the first example worldwide of a tower that enhances the hosting city with plant and fauna biodiversity. I am happy for both Milan and Expo, and for the Italian culture.”

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