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Gessi Rettangolo countertop sink and faucet

When planning a new bathroom, you want to be sure you choose products that make a strong design statement, but don’t date quickly.Gessi has developed its own refined design language for faucets, showerheads, sinks, tubs and accessories, with collections distinguished by essential geometric shapes such as the circle, rectangle, oval and square.With their clean forms and precise proportions, these Gessi bathroom products help to create a unified, tranquil environment that’s free from any jarring elements.Gessi products include the Rettangolo faucet, designed by Italian sculptor Propero Rasulo in 2002. This has become a style icon, and the collection has since expanded to include new bathtubs and faucet handles. Likewise Gessi’s Segni showerhead collection from 2008 still attracts design enthusiasts worldwide. The Ovale and Goccis collections are also signature lines.

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16 Jan, 2015

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