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Colour Range Transparent

ZAAFDesigns Colour Design range includes shower columns, washbasins, shelves, freestanding basins and now the new addition of bathtubs. With freestanding bathtubs currently in huge demand, these designs will offer something fresh and new for interior designers. Colour Design Bathtubs add a pop of colour and playfulness to the standard simple white bathroom. Boasting a bright palate, which covers red, orange, purple, green, pink, black and transparent, the Colour Design Bathtubs cater for all extravagant tastes. To add even more cheek to the range, each bath design is named after women, with the roll call including Florence, Susan, Irene, Louise, Willow, Salina, Coco and Olivia. Flaunting strong structure, smooth edges and spaciousness, the Colour Design Bathtubs provide a deluxe experience for users. ZAAFDesigns is one of Italy’s most innovative industrial design companies, creating everything from bathroom product to yachts, to furniture and electronics. Colour Design Bathtubs by ZAAFDesigns are distributed by Paco Jaanson and available for purchase in Australia. For more information visit their website here

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10 Oct, 2016

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