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ODA New York has spent the past decade in passionate pursuit to make NYC more livable by taking once-rarefied luxuries and turning them into principle qualities of their designs. ODA has been commissioned to absorb 800,000 feet of residential space and create three, 22-floor towers comprised of 857 apartment units – 20% of which will be affordable housing. The towers will be known as 416-420 Kent will be joining a larger swell of development through which the neglected waterfront is finally being reclaimed. For this project, ODA New York, recognized for reimagining of New York’s typical architectural formats, and is introducing another language to residential towers. Traditionally, apartment dwellers have had to spar for the four coveted corner units framing each floor of any standard building. Future residents of 416-420 Kent will side-step this battle with corner units comprising more than 80% of the 857 apartments which compose Kent’s towers.

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14 Apr, 2016

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