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About us

An illuminated glass panel adds the ‘wow’ factor to your interior design.

Add 'wow factor' now to your interior design, with the latest creative backlit ideas and images, exclusive from illuminati glass panels. Choose your own design or have our designers work with you to help create your own style. Colour backed glass, combined with lighting, creates the desired mood whatever the occasion.


Just like any work of art and its artist, there are often imitators. In this instance you are seeing the original work by Brett Forder, master craftsman in LED illuminated glass panels.

Brett comes from a history and trade experience in kitchen and bathroom refits. Also specialising in splashback panels for kitchens, Brett now enjoys creating masterful works in glass panels to add an impressive touch to any room. Brett is simply the original and pioneer in this industry.

By ordering an illuminated glass panel from Brett, you are investing in more than just home decor, you’re investing in near exclusive style and flair that’s anything but every-day.