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Tidy at a push

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Smooth-gliding functionality means rubbish and clutter quickly disappear from sight in Hideaway Soft Close bins from Kitchen King

Tidy at a push


Don't have enough hands or enough time to banish your clutter and mess from sight? In the kitchen, even seconds can be precious – with guests arriving, children calling and dinner still not ready, every little advantage helps.

Enter the versatile under-counter Hideaway Bin range from Kitchen King. These sturdy Hideaway Bins offer an easy, speedy way to send rubbish and mess out of sight with a gentle push.

There are three ranges of bin to choose from: the Hideaway Compact, suited to modest spaces, the Hideaway Deluxe, with a foam-sprung, friction-fit lid, and the Hideaway Soft Close. This last option has a similar function to the Deluxe, but with the addition of self-close tracks that prevent the bin from slamming shut. A friction-fit lid with a Clinikill powder coat fights bacteria, keeping the bin hygienic, while a perfumed sachet ensures odour control.

Units are made from zinc-treated steel, powdercoated for strength and durability. Single or double bucket configurations and various bucket sizes are available.

The Hideaway Bins are not limited to rubbish control – they are also suitable for storing dry foods or clothing.


For further details on Hideaway Bins, contact Kitchen King, phone (09) 426 7456. Website:

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First published date: 02 February 2010