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The Concept Habitat: A design exhibition space

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This space was designed to generate interior design projects by showcasing furniture in an architecturally designed space

The architects tried to create an element that goes in and out of the space in order to ‘pick up’ pedestrians


Architect: NAN Arquitectos

From the architect: We believe that the façade elements are of great importance. With this in mind, we tried to create an element that goes in and out of the space in order to ‘pick up’ pedestrians. To this end, we designed a large multifunctional furniture piece that creates the entry and, at the same time, serves as an exhibition piece of furniture itself. This element functions as an appendix where the tour into the entire space begins.

On the other hand, at the rear facade, which is closed, the idea was to create a housing simulation where elements that characterize a house were represented, including a living room, a kitchen and the bedrooms.

On the floor, we see different types of furniture, both in the display window and in the main structure, a space that also functions as a reception area. In a second stage we find the workspace, locked by a metal ceiling and a screen where the different design works carried out by the study are displayed. This is a space for discussion and meeting.


We sought a number of unique materials to articulate them with the store’s furniture. That’s why the chosen materials – iron and pinewood – are kept in their natural format. In this way, they create a contrast with those treated finishes typical of mass-manufactured furniture. We have also worked on lighting design, subtly highlighting those architectural elements we consider important such as the main furniture. This means we can ‘frame’ the different pieces of furniture. In addition to this lighting effect, there are projectors that accentuate the exhibition with focal light.

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