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Street of dreams – Life at Home initiative of grouped high-end homes

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Life at Home initiative offers a world of inspiration

Street of dreams – Life at Home initiative of grouped high-end homes


"I love that house. Wouldn't it be great to go in and have a look around, get a feel for the design, the finishes, the appliances – everything, really!"

This is just the information-gathering experience created for home buyers and homemakers at the inspired Life at Home home show in Karaka Harbourside Estate.

The street has eight houses conceived by five respected architects and designers and built by eight of New Zealand's leading registered master builders, says Rob Dines, co-director of the Life at Home initiative and director of Eden Homes.

"Many different building styles are on show here – from solid masonry houses through to modern architectural homes."

Visitors each receive a barcode identity so they can tag everything they are interested in while moving around. Full details on that benchtop, shower screen or house itself are then loaded to the Life at Home website for their personal access later on.


"Life at Home offers a wealth of design information in one place," says Dines. "The feeling is that you've walked in one door of a high-end home while the owner has stepped out another. It's an up-close insight into a wide array of house styles, wall finishes, floors, taps – everything you need to become inspired and help make informed choices of your own."

You can visit the Life At Home street at Lombardia Way, Karaka Harbourside Estate, South Auckland, phone 0800 Lifeathome. .

First published date: 19 June 2013