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Space-age Sun protection

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To minimise solar heat gain and glare, and to protect furnishings from UV damage, the owner of this store specified Huper Optik nano-ceramic window film

Space-age Sun protection


It's a frequent conundrum for retailers – the need for high visibility versus the need to minimise solar heat gain, glare and UV damage. When the Tesori Children's Furniture store moved to brand new premises in Orbit Drive, Mairangi Bay, this was exactly the issue for owner Wendy Howe.

"The store had expansive windows that afforded excellent visibility for the products, but the heat and glare were extreme," she says. "We were also worried about the furnishings fading and discolouring with the UV rays."

The problem was solved with a Huper Optik nano-ceramic window film covering from Tint Professionals. This high-tech coating, from the manufacturer of products for NASA, features atomic-size ceramic particles that are able to reject heat while providing high optical clarity with no reflection.

"The film was installed in February, the hottest month of the year," says Howe. "We instantly noticed a big reduction in heat, and the sun glinting off the cars parked outside was no longer a problem for us. Yet, we can still see outside, and our window displays are just as visible as before."

Tint Professionals managing director Rolf Stucki says clients also appreciate the neutral tones of the film, which will never change colour or fade as it does not contain dyes or metals. The film can even be used safely in a marine or coastal environment, he says.


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First published date: 11 October 2008