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Enjoy a little individualized pampering every day with ioDigital™ from Moen®

Personal valet


Ever-advancing technology is changing the way we live our lives at an unprecedented rate. It seems that hardly a day goes by without some new breakthrough being announced.

Modern communications keep us up to date with all this change, wherever we may live. And it's easy for us to enjoy the benefits, now that business operates on a truly global scale.

Such benefits may even include personal pampering – and the ioDigital bath and shower system by Moen may be the most indulgent technology available, says Moen senior product manager Mark Knurek.

"The ioDigital system features set-and-forget technology that allows you to preset your desired combination of temperature and flow rate or water level, so you experience the ideal shower or bath every time – all at the touch of a button."

With its simple operation and intuitive controls, ioDigital effortlessly transforms any bathroom into the most tech-savvy room in the house. Able to accommodate up to four presets, ioDigital allows everyone in the family to have their own setting, says Knurek.


"ioDigital features a remote control, which allows you run the bath or turn on the shower even before you get out of bed. It's also there at the end of the day. You can simply use ioDigital to run a bath for the children while you clear away the dinner dishes, without fear of the bath overflowing."

The ioDigital system can be fitted to existing plumbing, making it simple to include in any bathroom upgrade.

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