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New design directions

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Homeowners are looking for kitchen products that make a strong design statement, and also provide improved functionality. The new faucet collections from Kohler highlight the latest trends

New design directions


The evolution of the kitchen from a merely utilitarian space to the main hub of the home has accelerated over the past couple of decades. So, it's scarcely surprising that all the products that make up a kitchen are continually redesigned, re-engineered and updated.

Kohler, a name that is synonymous with kitchen and bathroom design and technology, recently broadened its kitchen faucet portfolio to reflect the changing and diverse tastes and needs of homeowners.

Les Petch, senior product manager Kohler kitchen faucets, says there are a lot of things happening simultaneously in modern kitchen design, making it hard to put a finger on one overriding trend in faucet design. Rather, it is a variety of developments in design and functionality that industry experts are witnessing.

"One development is the growing popularity of contemporary and transitional designs, such as the new Kohler Evoke™, Torq™ and Parq™ faucets," Petch says. "Homeowners are telling us they want products that make a strong design statement. But this needs to be matched by high functionality – and faucets need to be easy to clean."

Petch says industry experts have also noticed a more eclectic product selection. Contemporary and traditional products are mixed and matched in the same kitchen. For instance, a farmhouse apron-front sink may be paired with a professional-style pull-down faucet.


The Kohler Evoke faucet, shown opposite, was designed to provide clean lines and contemporary styling without the sterility that often accompanies this aesthetic. Launched at the 2008 International Builders' Show, the new swing spout design, combined with a sidespray, offers greater flexibility and functionality. Unlike standard sidesprays, the Evoke has two functions – a spray and a smooth laminar flow option, making it easy to rinse dishes or fill pots and pans outside the sink.

The Kohler Parq faucet offers a clean interpretation of the classic bridge design. Its high curved spout provides ample room to handle large pots and pans.

Similarly, the ergonomic Kohler Torq bridge faucet, shown above, is designed for ease of use and cleaning. This faucet can be wall-mounted for a sleek, uncluttered look.

For more information, or details of your nearest distributor, contact Kohler, phone tollfree 800 4 Kohler (456 4537). .

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