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Steel structures for The Base buildings and cantilevered structures are from Modern Construction

FIND this article online at TRENDSIDEAS.COM/Go/11569


From flat ground to an up-and-running vibrant shopping centre, structural steel provided the good bones for much of The Base's construction. Modern Construction provided almost 700 tonnes of structural steel for the project, either painted or galvanised, where the steelwork would be exposed.

"Modern Construction undertook the work from engineering drawings supplied by the Holmes Group, turning these flat plans into 3D computer renderings and finally working engineering drawings," says company director Phil Counsell.

Some steel elements are visible, such as rafters, columns, tie beams, bracing units and truss assemblies, but Counsell says that along with these structural features, much of the company's more intricate steel work is tucked out of sight behind cladding elements.

"Two curved canopies protruding from shops adjacent to The Warehouse provide good examples of this," he says. "Massive curved beams created in 300mm pre-formed channels were required for these complex overhangs."

Modern Construction worked closely with Naylor Love throughout the project. Their close communication was vital to enable the time frames to be adhered to, says Counsell.


Other projects recently undertaken by the company include structures for a 40,000m2 distribution store in Palmerston North and a nine-level carpark facility for Waikato Hospital.

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First published date: 12 December 2006