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All at the touch of a button – sophisticated technology allows an uncluttered interior

Drama unfolds


The traditional exterior of the house and its streamlined interior belie the sophistication of the technology behind the scenes.

Alon Moscovitch, owner of Shelley's Stereo, says the company was selected to design and install a home automation system with fully distributed audio and video entertainment capability throughout. This included the integration of interior and exterior lighting, heating and air conditioning, automated window treatments, pool control and security systems.

To meet the demands required by these multiple control systems, high definition media streaming, security and internet/data services, Shelley's Stereo installed an enterprise-grade managed network system with the bandwidth and speed to run everything without hiccups.

"Because the house has a very sleek, modern interior, one of our design goals was to integrate our work and the electronics in an unobtrusive manner, with all design complexity and most electronics hidden from view," says Moscovitch.

Shelley's Stereo also avoided floor clutter by using in-wall speaker systems, which are matched to wall color, and acoustically balanced and calibrated for optimal performance.


"This was a large-scale project and the level of customization required was very high. As the backbone for this home's automation system we chose Control4 for its robust functionality, rich customization capabilities, and its ease-of-use interfaces. Control4's elegant InfinityEdge Touch Screen is beside the front door. The family also has complete home control using Control4 software running on their iPads and iPhones."

For more details, contact Shelley's Stereo & Video, Woodland Hills, CA 91367, phone (818) 716 8500. Email: .

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