Grand traditional home reconsidered for modern living

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Grand traditional home reconsidered for modern living. Contemporary steel and glass interior free-standing walls bring an industrial touch to otherwise classic-look spaces.

This traditional residence offers some surprising contemporary interior elements. Here architect William Massey talks about the reworked interiors that improve the flow and ambience of the home.

When it comes to traditional house remodels there can often be a design disconnect. Owners may fall for a home's grand, historic exteriors but are less fond of the claustrophobic runs of rooms and poorly oriented living spaces that are also hallmarks of architectural times gone by. "Inside, the remodeling was comprehensive with all three levels reworked. New spaces were added to the underused basement, including a gymnasium, games room and media room. However this project is more about the first and second floors, which were extensively updated. This was the scenario for the owners of a 1920s residence remodeled by architect William Massey. The owners loved the home's grand lines and brick and limestone facade but not so much the dark, cramped interiors, says Massey. "Remodelling issues with older interiors are often about light and space. The formal rooms traditionally looked to the front of a home but suffered from poor connections to the rear." 

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