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Tanova Pull Out Kitchen Bins: Space Efficient, Hygienic & A Wide Range of Options

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Tanova kitchen rubbish bins are space-efficient with hygienic, easy to clean pull out bins that slide away out of sight, yet are easily accessed when needed.

Most of our pull out kitchen bins have a top mounted cover that minimises odours when waste bin is closed. DRAWER type kitchen waste bins attach to a fixed front for one motion opening, while HANDLE type bins are installed behind a hinged door.

Multiple bin configurations from Tanova’s Deluxe and Simplex ranges offer excellent solutions for sorting/storing recyclables and organic kitchen waste in your kitchen tidy or can even be used as a separate easy access unit for bulk dry good storage!

Strong, hygienic, and conveniently to hand, smooth-gliding Tanova waste systems help keep interiors fresh and uncluttered

Tanova Deluxe pull out kitchen rubbish bins feature super smooth sliding runners from Harn Triomax®, for effortless opening and closing every time and a 60kg carrying capacity. The Sylent® integrated cushioning system ensures quiet and soft closing by automatically adapting to varying closing speeds and drawer weights. These Tanova pull out, soft close waste bins offers a large range of sizes to seamlessly fit into your kitchen.

Our top selling pull out kitchen bin range, Tanova Simplex fits snugly into standard cabinet sizes for good stability. These kitchen waste bin systems run smoothly on ball bearing slides and their compact size maximises space efficiency. Heavy duty bin carriage is manufactured from 1.2mm gauge steel for strength and durability and has a 45kg carrying capacity. Most Tanova Simplex kitchen rubbish bin models are available with the option of soft close.

Ideal for retrofitting, Tanova's kitchen bin drawer inserts are designed to fit into most drawer brands, turning an existing drawer into a pull out kitchen waste bin. Simply identify your cabinet width and available height, then select your Tanova bin sizes and configuration.


These Base Mounted Drawer Fiited Systems provide many of the benefits of a pull out kitchen waste system, while fitting into most commonly available drawer systems. Ideal for retrofitting.

For more information, please visit KITCHEN BIN PULL OUT DRAWER FITTED.


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