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Tanova Laundry: Pull Out Baskets and Bags Keep Laundry Tidy And Out of Sight

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Tanova’s roomy, pull-out laundry baskets, laundry bins and laundry bags are ideal solutions for managing household laundry and laundry storage. Build them into your laundry design as they utilise laundry cabinet space efficiently, while keeping laundry neat and out of sight. Laundry baskets are air vented to enable airflow and breathability.

Tanova Laundry offers a wide range of options in three specification levels Deluxe, Simplex Plus and Simplex.

Deluxe Laundry includes 65L and 100L steel basket options in grey and white, plus a 50L bag option, all on soft close runners.

Simplex Plus, also with steel baskets and built in soft close feature, suits wider cabinets at 400mm and 450mm.

Tanova Simplex offers drawer or cupboard style options for 300mm and 350mm cabinets, and with soft close or push-to-open mechanisms on some models.

See also our separate collection for Tanova Laundry models featuring plastic laundry baskets.


To find the perfect Tanova solution, first consider your cabinet widths.

Next, do you require a ‘Drawer Type, which pulls out in a single action with front panel mounted directly onto a strong carriage. Or do you prefer a ‘Handle Type’ where the pull out bin is installed behind a hinged cupboard door?

Do you want a soft close option? What bin sizes do you require?


Deluxe Pull Out Laundry Baskets. 1x65L basket. 450mm cabinet. Grey and white options. Soft close
Fully integrated cushioning system for consistently quiet soft closing
Super smooth running drawer slides for effortless opening and closing
Heavy duty 60kg carrying capacity
Sturdy handles on buckets for easy bin removal
Very quick and easy installation for modular cabinets
Designed for 450mm cabinet size (external width using 16mm board)
Standard drawer front connection with gallery rails allow for full 6-way adjustment
1x65L powder coated galvanised steel baskets

Optional strong, easy clean cover which can be used as storage shelf if mounted lower in cabinet
Fits Tanova Deluxe laundry systems for 450mm cabinets

Available in grey and white

For more information, please visit TANOVA DELUXE LAUNDRY BASKET SYSTEMS.


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