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Innovative Flexible Linear Strip LED Lighting

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DOMUS Line™ presents Flexyled; a highly innovative product in LED flexible linear strip lighting.

Flexyled CR is a range of straight line and 90° corner modules with a quick plug system; no soldering equipment required! Highly resistant double sided adhesive backing strip provides fast and simple installation without tools.

Thanks to an innovative clip system, Flexyled CH connects various LED strip lengths together quickly and easily without the use of soldering or tools. The connecting clip allows a strip to be constructed in almost any configuration up to 6m long.

Colour changing sequences have never been easier than with DOMUS Line™ RGB LED flexible linear and 90° corner modules. Quick and easy to install thanks to high quality 3M self-adhesive backing tape and interconnecting cables.

Perfect for surface and embedded installation with cabinets and toekicks and with DOMUS Line™ aluminium lighting profiles.


The Access Group range of LED lighting allows you to accent, enhance, bring light and style to your kitchen, bedroom or living area.

Domus Line's range of LED lighting covers LED spotlights, including master and slave options, LED strip lighting. Don't forget stylish LED lighting profiles; ideal for cabinet lighting and for creating well-lit kitchen drawers and wardrobes!

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