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Respecting traditions

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An admiration for the 15th-century Italian farmhouse style was the architectural inspiration behind this Las Vegas residence built by Domanico Custom Homes

Respecting traditions


Designing and building a new house provides an opportunity to create a home that reflects your particular interests and enthusiasms or expresses your personality.

This large family home in Las Vegas was built by Domanico Custom Homes for owner John Andross. The design of the home is the result of a close collaboration between Andross, architect Sharilyn Hidalgo and Adam Knecht of Domanico Custom Homes.

"This home really was a team project with everyone working together to bring the owner's vision to life," says Knecht.

Andross says that his home was inspired by 15th-century Italian farmhouses, but he also wanted it to show the influence of the Californian Mission style, which originated in Spain, coming to California via Mexico.

"The result is very eclectic, but the detail is authentic. Different massings of the exterior structure make the house appear as if it has been built up over time with additions and alterations. We wanted the house to look as if it has been passed from family to family, down the generations," says Andross.


The exterior of the house is clad in Italian cobblestones, with the grout lines rubbed and brushed to create an old-world feel. Extensive use of brick detailing draws attention to many of the architectural features of the home, including the front entry, windows, doors and the rear tower, which is typical of old-world Tuscan farmhouses. Natural clay tile roofing, wood corbels and wood-lined fascias blend well with the stone veneer and stained stucco exterior, further complementing the look.

Like a Tuscan farmhouse, the interior layout of this extensive 8500sq ft home extends from the imposing front entrance door, through the central courtyard and into the living areas beyond. Bedrooms are in a separate wing, while a large theater, games room and wine cellar are on the lower level.

The central courtyard is a key feature of the farmhouse concept, linked by seven sets of French doors to formal and informal living and dining spaces. With the doors open, there is little distinction between indoor and outdoor living.

On the far side of the living areas, full-height glazed pocket sliders pull back to open these spaces up to a loggia, the large swimming pool and its surrounding outdoor areas.

Intrinsic to any traditional Italian farmhouse is the great room. In this home, it is 25ft wide and 55ft long, with a freestanding fireplace as its center point, adding strength and structure to the architecture of the space.

Travertine pavers were used in the front entrance area, the interior courtyard and around the pool at the back. To emphasize the rustic farmhouse nature of the home, terra cotta tiled floors, laid in a traditional herringbone pattern throughout the main living areas, were supplied by Walker Zanger.

A natural clay finish, impregnated with a Tuscan Gold color, was hand-troweled onto the interior walls and ceiling, giving the home a warm, earthy feel.

Large exposed beams throughout the home, corbels, and planking on the dining room and gallery ceilings were custom made by Realm of Design. Once finished, these interior design features were stained to create an aged and weathered appearance and to further enhance the old-world feel the owners wanted to achieve.

Interior architecture: John A Andross; email:

Builder: Adam Knecht, Domanico Custom Homes, 10789 West Twain Ave, Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV 89135, phone (702) 241 8585. Email:

Terra cotta floor tiles, wall tiles, marble countertops: Walker Zanger, 4701 South Cameron St, Suite P, Las Vegas, NV 89103, phone (702) 248 1550, fax (702) 248 1556.

Interior beams, corbels, planking, exterior wood beam window detailing: Realm of Design, 1188 CenterPoint Drive, Henderson, NV 89074, phone (702) 566 1188, fax (702) 566 9318.

Architect: Sharilyn Hidalgo, H Studio Architecture + Drafting, PO Box 1347, Brush Prairie, WA 98606, phone (360) 666 3506, fax (360) 666 3577.

Story by Mary Webb

Photography by Tim Maloney

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