Real Fires

In this video, co-founder of Real Fires, Ali Scott, talks about how Real Fires provides satisfaction for customers in terms of both quality and service. Developers Tracey Vincent and Scott Reid discuss why they chose to install a Real Fire's fireplace in their homes and how the fires can be customised or configured to suit a range of clients' tastes and requirements.
Full-service installation of gas fireplaces
Real Fires will help guide you through the installation...
Durable gas fireplaces – Homeowners
Real Fires come with a warranty for peace of mind for the...
Durable gas fireplaces – Architects, specifiers
A Real Fires fireplace complements traditional and...
Durable gas fireplaces – Builders
Ali Scott, director of Real Fires talks about the...
Warming aesthetics, practical heating
This short video outlines the advantages a Real Fire's...

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