Kitchen theatre – new store for Kitchen Things from Commercial Design Trends volume 2804

A new recipe for store design looks set to transform the way we shop for kitchen appliances. The Kitchen Things Mt Wellington store at the Apex Mega Centre is a prototype that will be rolled out for future stores, says architect Matthew Godward of Godward Guthrie Architecture.
"This is a very high-profile site, which gave Kitchen Things an ideal opportunity to raise the profile of its own business," Godward says. "The design builds on a model we introduced for Kitchen Things stores in Newmarket, Botany Downs and Constellation Drive. But here we have given the store a sleek European look to complement the appliance brands – dark walnut veneer has been replaced with bleached oak, for example."
Creating a good first impression and making the large store easy to navigate were key challenges.
"The store needed to have great clarity, so customers would not be confused or overwhelmed," says Godward. "It also needed to be a place where they would want to linger."
Consequently, there are wide circulation areas, and appliance brands are grouped together, rather than fragmented across the store. Coloured fascias, including a bright red lacquered fascia for the Smeg and Miele brands, help define the zones while also providing visual continuity. Dark charcoal SpazioCasa floor tiles with a light border complement the stainless steel appliances and the bleached oak and black cabinetry.
"A working kitchen is a key point of difference for the store," says the architect. "This is a central focus – the place where food comes to life. It also creates a sense of theatre while showcasing the appliances in action."
Other significant features include interactive televisions, and the provision of several seating areas, including lounge seating and bar stools.
The new Kitchen Things Mt Wellington store in the Apex Mega Centre features wide circulation areas, clearly defined appliance zones and a working kitchen in the centre of the store, where it creates a sense of theatre.
Credit List
Location : Kitchen Things, Apex Mega Centre, Mt Wellington, Auckland
Architect : Matthew Godward, Godward Guthrie Architecture (Auckland)
Fit-out contractor : Sharpeye
Flooring : Tiles from SpazioCasa
Veneers : Oakwood grain
Benchtops : Stainless steel; composite stone
Lighting : Sourced by Sharpeye
Story by Colleen Hawkes
Photography by Jamie Cobeldick
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