Fruitful palette from Kitchen Trends volume 2802

In any house, the kitchen tends to be the most used room – not just from a functional point of view, but also as a gathering space. This is even more so in an open-plan environment where the kitchen becomes the focal point of day-to-day living.
The owners, Karen and Brian Frid-Madden, had two points of inspiration when looking to renovate their kitchen – a vibrant garden-like realm for their two small daughters, and a space inspired by Mexican architect Luis Barragán, says designer Elina Katsioula-Beall of DeWitt Designer Kitchens.
"Barragán is renowned for how he utilized color to augment his mastery of space and light within his designs. This, coupled with the theme of bringing the outdoors inside by using the kitchen cabinetry to evoke fuschia flower beds, gave us a unique starting point."
"For this design, bold colors have been teamed with iridescent tiles, silver painted backsplash and stainless steel appliances, which absorb the vibrant hues like tinted chameleons as the play of light passes over them."
Functionally, the kitchen features a large island used as a preparation area and as a casual space where the children can have meals and draw while their mother cooks.
"Karen wanted an island that was one large, unbroken plane. This is a little bit unusual, as most islands contain a sink. Other peculiarities include spice and oil storage and recycling bins as part of the island.
"This runs against customary kitchen work triangle guidelines, but the whole point of kitchen design is to make the space work best for the user – and in this case, the unorthodox approach gives the family the optimal mix of functionality and interaction."
Underpinning the whole design is a level of sustainability – eco-friendly flooring for one – that also fits nicely with the nature theme.
Designed by Elina Katsioula-Beall of DeWitt Designer Kitchens, this dynamic kitchen was inspired by the works of Mexican architect Luis Barragán, and by the desire of the owners to create a fantasy fairy-like garden to capture the imaginations of their daughters.
Credit List
Interior designer : Karen Frid-Madden, Bikasa Designs
Kitchen designer : Elina Katsioula-Beall NKBA ATAS, DeWitt Designer Kitchens (Pasadena, CA)
Cabinet company : Columbia Cabinets
Cabinetry : High gloss Formica in Vibrant Green
Hardware : Häfele
Countertops : Silestone by Consentino in Magenta Energy; Thassos marble
Tile flooring : Ecotech Ecogreen Matte
Wall tiles : Archstone Silver glass brick
Doors and windows : Millguard energy-efficient with Synmax glass
Backsplash : Textured silver back-painted tempered glass by Allan Swerdloff
Faucets : Lady-lux Café by Grohe
Range : Bertazzoni
Ventilation and dishwasher : Miele
Story by Justin Foote
Photography by Suki Medencevic
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Kitchen Trends Application-43364