Simplicity itself – 6 Western Avenue offers a life of easy serenity from Home & Apartment Trends volume 2719

It seems the world only continues to become more and more hectic, with many of us wishing for a more relaxed pace of life – one that allows us to spend time with family and friends in a natural setting.
Developer Landwide Development Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Belleview Group, has created an exclusive enclave based solely on that premise at 6 Western Avenue in the sought-after neighbourhood of Jalan Utama.
Comprising stand-alone bungalows set in a tranquil, picturesque landscape, the development offers blue-chip real estate of a quality that is increasingly hard to find, says sales and marketing officer Jennifer Lee.
"This is a freehold private haven that offers the best of all worlds," she says. "The design of the two-storey bungalows marries contemporary tropical architecture with lush landscaping to create homes that are quite out of the ordinary."
Three different plans are offered, but all feature spacious, free-flowing interiors with large, double-height glazed voids that make the most of the tranquil outlook.
For further details, contact Landwide Development, 3rd floor, Burma House, 405 Jalan Burmah, 10350 Penang. Tel: (604) 229 1999. Fax: (604) 229 6999. Or visit the website:
Combining resort-style luxury with privacy, the new 6 Western Avenue development offers a tranquil, relaxed lifestyle.
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